BAIC Swap Tram for Individual Users -Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

BAIC Swap Tram for Individual Users -Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

On July 5, BAIC New Energy announced the launch of the vehicle-electricity value separation mode. The battery-swapped version of the new energy model will be available to individual users. The owner only needs to buy the body, and the battery will be leased for the owner to use.

There are two charging modes for the use of the battery for users to choose according to their own vehicle conditions: 1. The battery is rented by the number of times for 458 yuan per month; 2. The mileage package is charged, 432 yuan for 1200 kilometers, 630 yuan for 1800 kilometers, and 1020 yuan for 3000 kilometers. Yuan. If a car owner who buys a battery-swapped new energy vehicle wants to sell the car within 3 years, BAIC can repurchase it at a 50% discount.(Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment)

In response to the difficulty of charging new energy vehicles, BAIC New Energy Vehicle tried to launch a battery-swap model for taxis in 2015. The replacement model is the same as ordinary models in appearance, but has more than 300 patented technologies and a number of core technologies such as quick-change connection system, chassis power exchange system, intelligent control system, quick-change battery box, etc., so that the battery replacement time is as short as possible Short 3 minutes. With the continuous success of attempts and the more mature technology, BAIC has laid a solid foundation to expand the mode of replacing trams from the operating market to private cars, and plans to popularize it in three years.

The swapping station of the battery-swapping new energy vehicle covers an extremely small area, only needs about 5 parking spaces, and the average daily service vehicle can reach more than 300 units. By 2022, BAIC plans to invest 10 billion yuan to build 3,000 battery swap stations across the country and put 500,000 battery swapped new energy vehicles.

This plan of BAIC is a proper way to popularize new energy vehicles, it solves the problem of difficult charging of new energy vehicles, so that ordinary people have no worries when buying and driving new energy vehicles, and do not need private parking spaces and charging piles for the mobility of new energy vehicles. will be greatly improved. If other new energy vehicle companies can do the same and build power stations in various places, the popularity of new energy vehicles will be faster.



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