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American Battery Recycling Research and Development Center -Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

February 18 is the National Battery Day in the United States. Many Americans will replace their old batteries at home on this day and send them to the recycling center. To celebrate this unofficial festival, the US Department of Energy recently announced that the construction of the battery recycling research and development center of Argonne National Laboratory was officially launched, and the lithium ion battery recycling award project was launched to promote the recycling of key materials in lithium based batteries.

Since the beginning of commercialization in the early 1990s, lithium ion batteries have been used more and more widely. Today, lithium-ion batteries are almost everywhere, from laptops and mobile phones to electric vehicles and energy storage devices. Following this, the number of discarded lithium ion batteries has increased at an alarming rate. It is predicted that by 2030, the world's discarded lithium ion batteries will reach more than 11 million tons. At present, the recycling rate of waste lithium-ion batteries in the United States is less than 5%. If this problem cannot be effectively solved, it will have a negative impact on people's health and the natural ecological environment.(Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment)

This time, the US Department of Energy set up a battery recycling research and development center in Argonne National Laboratory, aiming to develop a cost-effective recycling process to recover as much valuable materials such as lithium and cobalt from waste lithium-ion batteries as possible. The launch of the lithium-ion battery recycling award aims to encourage American enterprises to find innovative solutions for the collection, storage, transportation and ultimate recycling of waste lithium-ion batteries. The Department of Energy will provide a total of $5.5 million for the award.

The Ministry of Energy hopes to promote the development of new technologies through the R&D center and recycling awards, and finally achieve the goal of recycling 90% of key materials from waste batteries, so as to reduce the dependence of the United States on foreign countries in lithium, cobalt and other key battery materials.



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