18650 lithium battery pack production process -Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

18650 lithium battery pack production process -Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

(1) Baking

Bake for 12 hours under the conditions of constant temperature and vacuum degree of -0.09MPa, the important purpose is to dry the moisture of the cell.

(2) Liquid injection

The battery cells after vacuum baking are injected with electrolyte in the glove box filled with Ar gas. The injection volume is different according to the design of the lithium-ion battery pack. The battery should be weighed before and after injection. The weight difference is the injection volume. This will determine whether the injection volume is appropriate or not.

(3) Welding electrode tabs Weld the positive electrode tab (aluminum bar) and the negative electrode tab (nickel bar) on the scraper positions of the positive electrode and the negative electrode sheet respectively with an ultrasonic welding machine. Pay attention to prevent welding offset, welding dislocation, and virtual welding.

(4) Bottom welding. First put the insulating gasket into the steel shell, then put the wound cell into the steel shell, and weld the negative lug to the bottom of the steel shell with a spot welder. Check the outer surface of the bottom of the steel case, pick out yellow spots, black spots, defects, explosions and other bad appearances, and try to pull the tabs to pick out 18650 lithium-ion battery packs with weak spot welding such as explosions, virtual welding, and desoldering.(Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment)

(5) Sealing

The steel shell and cap of the 18650 lithium-ion battery pack are spot welded first with a spot welder, and then laser welded continuously with a laser welder. Laser welding should ensure accurate positioning and clean parts to be welded. It is strictly forbidden to cause battery deformation or damage. After welding, check and repair defective batteries such as welding holes and explosions.

(6) winding

Place the ion exchange membrane flush on the winding needle, and the front end extends out of the winding needle by 2-5mm. The four corners of the pole piece cannot be wrinkled, the pole piece cannot be dropped, the tape is slanted, the single-sided tape is too long, and the double-sided tape is too long. If the tape is misplaced from left to right, the tape does not cover the solder joints, etc., the positive electrode material must hug the negative electrode material, the pole piece cannot be rolled off, and the front end of the pole piece must be inserted to the top.



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